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Norwegian Seafarer

All seafarers (including masters) employed or engaged in any capacity on board a seagoing ship covered by the regulations of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate are required to hold a valid health certificate.

Please bring the old health certificate with you                                                   "Sjømannslegen skal kreve fremlagt den sist utstedte helseerklæring til arbeidstaker"

The medical examination contains:

  • a standardized questionaire in Norwegian / English
  • testing of hearing
  • testing of vision
  • additional testing for visual field defects for decks department personell (deck or dual career, i.e. merchant / fishing) and all people with lookout duties*
  • testing of lung function
  • testing of urine
  • testing of blood sample
  • chest x-ray
  • ECG
  • exercise ECG (occasionally)

You don't have to have an empty stomach for the blood sampling. Please bring a certified photographic ID such as your passport, your spectacles or contact lenses and your vaccination card. For the excercise ECG we recommend your bringing sportswear.

*If you belong to this category please mention this when making your appointment.