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Offshore Medical Certificate

Before a person is allowed to stay more than 24 hours on offshore platforms of the "Oil & Gas UK Group" OGUK (former UKOOA)  this person needs to undergo a safety training and a medical check-up.

Only doctors certified by Oil & Gas UK are allowed to sign the Offshore Medical document. See the list of certified doctors:                                            

Our Offshore Medical Certificate is recognized by Norwegian (OLF) and Dutch Authorities (NOGEPA) as stated in the Hardanger Agreement and is valid 2 years for all ages.

The medical examination contains:

You don't have to have an empty stomach for the blood sampling. Please bring a certified photographic ID such as your passport, your spectacles or contact lenses and your vaccination card. For the excercise ECG we recommend your bringing sportswear.

We are also able to perform the Norwegian medical (Helsetilsynet Rogaland - Stavanger) - OLF. The license for all non-Norwegian doctors expires at the end of 2013. A refresher course will be held in Hamburg in February 2014.

Dr. Rogall - Consultant in Occupational Medicine